Obesity Programme

£150    includes: full consultation,  four acupuncture treatments with herbal capsules

Due to changes in diet and lifestyle, more and more people suffer from obesity, stress and general lack of energy. In Chinese medicine, a deficiency of the spleen or a disharmony of the spleen and stomach can cause retention of dampness, body fluid and excessive fat deposits.

A variety of factors including an unbalanced diet, irregular meal times, lack of exercise and unstable emotions can lead to the spleen and stomach failing to process food properly and transport energy to various parts of the body. This can cause an excess of damp phlegm which manifests as obesity and excess weight.

Our obesity programme includes acupuncture and herbal capsules which help the patient control their daily food intake, activates the metabolism to increase energy consumption. This treatment is free from harmful side effects and encourages a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and eating regularly at the right times. The length and effectiveness of treatment depends on the lifestyle and condition of the individual at the first visit