Tui Na Massage

£20    30 minutes
£40    60 minutes
An invigorating and deep Chinese massage using various techniques to stimulate the body’s acupressure points and get you’re Qi  flowing. Very effective at treating all types of pain, sports injuries and for deep relaxation.

Indonesian Therapeutic  Massage

£40    60 minutes
The ultimate restorative massage. Unwind with a 60 minute Indonesian massage, all body, oriental  deep tissue meridian massage to relax and rebalance. Also very effective for all types of pain and sports injuries.

Sports Injuries

£50    Acupuncture treatment and 30 minute sports massage
A unique combination therapy to release tension and pain in muscles caused by RSI (repetitive strain injury), bad posture, general stress or sports injury. A consultation and acupuncture treatment followed by an expert massage using both tui na and Indonesian therapeutic massage. Both treatments are incredibly effective at loosening frozen muscles and for pain relief.