Our aim is to promote the study and practice of the traditional internal arts of China. 

All of the internal martial arts rely for their effectiveness on internal power, the power cultivated by the alignment and coordination of the whole body and mind. Essentially martial in nature these arts are practiced by most people today for there health benefits than for self defence.

We teach traditional empty hand forms, weapons forms, pushing hands and Qi Gong along with exercises to strengthen your body both internally and externally. The slow movements of Tai Chi help to promote health by massaging your internal organs and building upon your internal qi energy. Tai Chi is known for its health benefits and has helped patients recover from various illnesses and diseases for hundreds of years. Ultimately we all have our own path in life and the practice of Tai Chi Chuan can help us find this path and also give us the ability and health to travel it to its fullest.


Tai Chi Chuan is also recognised by the NHS and World Health Organisation as a fantastic source of healthy gentle exercise.


We teach all aspects of Tai Chi Chuan to a mixed and good humoured group of students from beginners to advanced.