Qi Gong

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Qi means ‘breath’ or ‘air’ and by extension it also means ‘energy’. Gong translates as ‘work’ and is used to refer to any skill which requires time and effort along with patience and practice to perfect. And so Qi Gong is working with ones breath and vital energy.

Qi Gong or Chi Gung has been developing for thousands of years. The exercises and movements are designed to conserve and build energy through postural exercises and slow, gentle movements. Qi Gong also involves using the mind to guide qi to parts of the body where it is needed to strengthen and heal.

Medical research has shown that Qi Gong may help to strengthen the immune system, benefits the endocrine system and improves heart function.

If practised regularly, Qi Gong’s gentle, smooth and flowing movements exercise the joints without stressing or damaging them as high impact sports tend to do, therefore keeping degenerative diseases of the joints at bay and restoring normal functioning to injured limbs and joints.

Due to its low impact nature, Qi Gong can be practiced by anyone at any age.