For thousands of years the Chinese have studied the energy of the human body, dating back to the Yellow Emperor. The results form a sophisticated body of knowledge which continues to expand to this day.

Central to the Chinese concept of energy is Qi. It relates to the Greek ‘Pneuma’, the Sanskrit ‘Prana’ and the Japanese ‘Ki’. It is usually thought of as the vital force flowing in all things in the universe. In western scientific terms it is also known as Bioelectricity.

Ancient Chinese physicians, philosophers and martial artists discovered that it was possible to trace and analyse energy patterns within the human body. This knowledge gained over centuries formed the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine and tui na massage; sets of exercises that strengthen the vital energy and various martial arts.

Within your body, your energy circulates along pathways called ‘meridians’. These diverge into much finer channels, permeating the whole system, thereby allowing qi to reach every cell of the body.