Robert Bowley

Robert Bowley has a passionate interest in Eastern philosophy, Medicine and the arts.

It all started in 1990 whilst I was studying music at the Royal Academy of Music in London. One evening I was visiting a friend at another college when I passed a practice room which had a small sign on the door......‘Beginners Tai Chi Class’.......out of curiosity I walked in. From that moment on I was completely hooked. Sadly I cannot remember the teacher’s name, however, what still remains with me today was her complete openness to share her love of  tai chi for the benefit of everyone who came into her class. She was a very caring and thoughtful teacher who knew how to get the very best out of her students.

My proudest moment, was when she decided to take me for lessons with her teacher, Gerda Geddes. Those moments I will never forget.

This introduction into the Eastern culture sparked a lifelong interest in both the healing qualities and the martial attributes of Tai Chi Chuan. In one particular lesson we were taught about qi or vital energy, the pathways along which it flows and acupressure points. Being very inquisitive I went back home determined to find out more about this fascinating subject. This I did and after many years of study am now a fully qualified Chinese medicine practitioner which includes acupuncture, tui na massage, Indonesian massage, herbal therapy, Chinese dietary therapy and auricular therapy, graduating from the Acumedic Foundation and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine where I also won second prize. This award was presented to me by the Chairman of the Chinese Medical Institute and Register, Prof. Man Fong Mei at the 2008 East-West Medicine Symposium at University College, London.

I had for many years not been in the best of health, but thanks to my dedication to Tai Chi it has taken me through a long journey of personal discovery, provided me with the inner strength to get through most of life’s tough challenges and improved my health out of all recognition. Consequently in 2002 whilst studying with Dan Docherty and his senior instructors (Practical Tai Chi Chuan International), I qualified as a Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong instructor and hold regular classes and workshops in East Sussex. 

Robert is committed to continuing his professional development and has completed postgraduate training for:-
·    Advanced Chinese acupuncture
·    Clinical Andrology
·    Advanced Clinical Acupuncture

Robert is a member of the following professional organisations:-
·    Chinese Medical Institute and Register

·    Tai Chi Union of Great Britain