How does Tai Chi improve health?

When practiced for health and fitness, the slow motion movements of tai chi give three main benefits. They improve physical movement, calm and release stress from the nerves and the mind and develop qi energy. Practitioners of tai chi have found that not only could tai chi help them recover from illness, it could also prevent them from becoming ill in the first place.
One of the reasons it is practiced slowly is that it enables you to consciously access how your mind, body and energy work.

The main benefits of practicing Tai Chi at a basic level are:

·    It exercises the whole body
·    It provides better support for the body
·    It massages your internal organs
·    It stretches everything inside you lengthways
·    It laterally twists soft tissue
·    It makes the fluids circulate evenly inside your body
·    Increases energy flow
·    Increases your breathing capacity
·    Improves biomechanical alignments of the body