Chinese Dietary Therapy

Food can be considered the medicinal herbs that we take three times a day. Being aware of what we eat can help to maintain internal balance and prevent disease on a daily basis.

As with other TCM therapies, everything is tailored to the individual’s needs. There are no ‘one size fits all’ herbal formulae or diets in TCM.

In the Chinese dietary system, a balanced diet is one which includes all five tastes – spicy, sour, bitter, sweet and salty. Foods with a particular taste tend to have particular properties. For example bitter herbs and foods tend to be drying and cold. This makes them good for treating damp-heat conditions, but contra-indicated for people who are too Cold and/or too Dry.

In addition food is also classified as either Hot or Cold & Yin or Yang. Food can affect the Yin or Yang balance of the body giving rise to heat or cold syndromes. Food can therefore be used to correct the imbalance of the internal organs.

Certain tastes have an affinity for certain organ systems in the body. For example spicy has an affinity with the Lungs & Large Intestine and sweet for the Spleen.