Tui Na Massage

(Chinese Medical Massage)

In Chinese theory qi or vital energy is the activating force for all life and in the body. It flows in channels called meridians and supplies energy to all the organs, body tissues and the mind.

Tui Na massage is an invigorating Chinese bodywork therapy combining deep meridian massage and acupressure, restoring the free flow of energy throughout the body.

Tui Na uses hand techniques to massage the soft tissues, acupressure to influence the flow of energy and manipulation techniques to re-align the entire musculo-skeletal system.

As well as treating specific conditions, Tui Na massage also boosts the immune system resulting in better overall health. Since it rebalances ‘energy flow’, the mind and emotions will also be affected.

Patients remain fully clothed during the treatment. Tui Na is practised on people from age five upward. It is a very safe therapy.